Senior Technician

Job Description

Apton is looking for a Senior Technician in Hardware Engineering to operate instruments and assemble biochip consumables.  The successful candidate will have demonstrated capability operating complex instrumentation in a development & a production environment as well as inspecting consumable components and assembling them into biochips.  Growth opportunities into Engineering roles are possible.

Responsibilities include:

  1. Instrument Operation Responsibilities
    1. Daily operation of instrument, including installing & removing consumables and starting runs
    2. Weekly cleaning of instrument
    3. Working with members of the Engineering team to support debug efforts
    4. Working with Engineering and R&D teams to schedule runs
  2. Biochip Assembly Responsibilities
    1. Work with other members of the Engineering team to help manage inventory
    2. Inspect & test new component deliveries
    3. Assemble & test consumables

Qualifications and Experience:

The successful candidate will have:

  1. Good time management skills
  2. Excellent communication
  3. Proven ability to follow set instructions
  4. Good eye-hand coordination and dexterity
  5. Demonstrated capability using software to control instruments
  6. Strong attention to detail
  7. Previous experience using microscopes for part inspection
  8. Clean room experience

Desired skills include:

  1. Troubleshooting complex opto-mechanical systems
  2. Familiarity with mechanical, electrical and fluidic systems
  3. Ability to read & interpret mechanical & electrical drawings
  4. Comfortable using MS Excel
  5. Familiarity with simple pneumatic and vacuum systems

For more information, please contact Windsor Owens: